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By the end of my freshman year, with the support of some of my sisters, I worked it out. I went on to be our president my sophomore year. I love my chapter, and it was an important part of my college experience. I started one with my friends at my college, and the only hazing activity was that all our pledges had to watch Spice World or Glitter.

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His brothers are giving him a hard time because they know it, just as I do, and they’re preparing him. Either he is going to not let you go and he will pass through their tests. Or he will dump you for a sorority girl before the the end of 2012. Either way he will still spend less time with you because you won’t be allowed to participate with his new friends and new obligations. Greek events are for Greeks and you’re not one. I was going to respond that it just sounds to me like this is the one thing they’ve found that they can pick on him about.

Just because we wear matching shirts and sometimes look alike does not mean we are all the same. All of us come from different backgrounds and upbringings, so clearly we have our own opinions and values. The sorority is only part of our identity. Please don’t assume that we all think alike and are walking sorority robots. Treat us like an individual and we will do the same. Be prepared to not see us for about a week.

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And unfortunately, it would take moving across the country and leaving all that I love to live somewhere that would be different in that regard. I would like to know that there are others like me who are still actively struggling. I’m tired of reading stories about lesbians who magically overcame and were all queer and happy.

I guess it just depends on where you are and who you choose to pledge, but all my sisters are super supportive and even come to GSA meetings with me. I was in a sorority through all four years of college, and I have some mixed feelings about it. On one hand, my “sisters” are my best friends. They’re the ones I’ll always be able to count on, probably for the rest of my life.

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I don’t know the SAE’s on my campus except one of my sisters is dating an SAE named Paul. I had a miserable first year of college and didn’t really go to SAE’s and Sigma Chi parties. That is cool that you went to CU-Boulder- Veruca.

I had difficulty coming out because of the system as a whole but my sorority sisters encouraged me to not hide who I was. Turns out one of the freshman that had joined, had had a girlfriend the whole and once I came she also felt comfortable doing so. Like you said some of my sorrority sisters are my closet friends and straight allies. If you don’t feel like you’d fit in with a sorority, I still recommend joining organizations and clubs you’re passionate about, and of course, join the GSA or Pride club. That’s where the intelligent, passionate, cute girls hang out.

If Heaven wasn’t so far away, I’d be there every day.

Even if you do go out of your way you might find bigots. It’s very difficult and frustrating and I wish that there were more stories on here about living life in the closet. Because for some of us who don’t want to lose our families and friends and sense of safety, that is our reality and I think it has just as much validation as anything else.

College is the time to grow and explore new things. I have seen way too many girls cry over some lame frat boy who did something stupid. Frat boys just aren’t ready to commit in the way you want them to. There are tons of other guys in college, without a nicotine addiction and who wear the same frat shirt for 10 days straight. A lot of sororities do events with the same frats so it is more than likely that those guys have definitely hooked up with one of your sisters. You’ll have to go through the whole awkward ordeal of running into his past hookups.

I don’t really get that, but being in a relationship with an independent myself, I can see some advantages to dating another greek. Don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely happy with my boyfriend, but he doesn’t get a lot of the stuff going on with my SilverSingles fraternity, or why we have to do certain stuff and all that. My brothers give me a fair amount of hell for dating outside greek life. If you were somebody worth going out with, you would be part of the ~1000 women in an panhellenic sorority.

We did a Dark Side of OZ screening, a 1999 dance, a winter ball, voter registration, several un-birthday parties, sumo wrestling in the quad, and heart disease and breast cancer benefits. To ring in the new school year, Autostraddle’s fall theme is SCHOOLED. We’ll be posting stories about queer/feminist issues and experiences with learning, working and playing in and around the education system.

Don’t ever let sisters tell you that they did it so you deserve to do it too. Report any sorority hazing to the Greek and Pan-Hellenic Councils or Student Government Organizations through your university or college, because hazing should be taken seriously. Talk to lesbians around campus and see what sororities they are a part of, if any, because that will be your biggest clue to see which ones are gay-friendly.

If she broke up with you, her sisters are fair game. Wonderful looking guys, Im guessing they are at other chapters too… Shes going to be fun, reasonably good in the sack, and dedicated to you 100 of the time What its really like to be a gdi.

I know I had to go days at a time without texting you back. I decided we aren’t friends anymore and you may not fully understand why. True, you’re not a sorority girl, don’t be selective based on superficial labels. Be selective based on qualitative merits, and if you can’t use your head to figure that out then you’re not going to get any, either. And I think some of these guys need to get lives if their missions in life are to weed out their brothers’ non-Greek girlfriends. We met my junior year, dated through college, and got married after she graduated.