Riverdales Archie Andrews And Betty Coopers Relationship Timeline: From Best Friends To Romance To More

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Taking a moment to forget about his eyes, Veronica couldn’t believe that he would cut off his own finger. Now that they knew who did the killings, Jughead wondered why. Betty explained that Mr. Svenson accused an innocent man of murdering his family, and thus got the man killed. So she suspected that maybe in Mr. Svenson’s own backwards way, he thought that targeting sinners would somehow balance the scale. Svenson having the knowledge that he did on their lives made perfect sense given that he was always around, lurking in the hallways. He could have seen Archie and Ms. Grundy in the music room, as well as Moose and Midge buying Jingle Jangle.

Goals – They’re fighters

In the midst of this drama, Veronica learns that Archie told Jughead that her parents bought Pop’s. The Lodges are forced to tell Fred their plan for Riverdale and Fred refuses to be a part of it. Archie initially supports Hermione because of Hiram and even gets a car from Hiram, but he ultimately changes his mind and backs his own dad. Veronica runs ideas by Archie, but he is resistant to his dad being forced into running. He doesn’t want his dad to work under the Lodge family like he is. Veronica proposes that she kiss Jughead to even the field, and they do, as Archie and Betty watch.

In return, Smithers, the butler, and the rest of the staff, who are quite appreciative of what Betty did for them , offer to help Betty with the next party she throws, for free. Mr. Lodge would then lecture Veronica about how servants were people too. Of issues195Main characterBetty CooperBetty was named for, and originally based on, Betty Tokar Jankovich, a Czech immigrant who briefly dated Archie co-creator Bob Montana in 1939 when she was 18. Created to serve as a love interest for Archie Andrews, she is portrayed as a smart, talented, sweet, tomboyish yet beautiful girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. This character definitely has a dark side but there’s no denying the similarities between him and Veronica’s father. Both of these characters have violent and criminal tendencies and are willing to do what it takes to get what they want.

Camila Mendes as Veronica Lodge

However, in the end, they decide to rekindle their romance and are about to cross the line when a bomb begins ticking under Archie’s bed, leaving their fates unknown. On the other hand, Veronica finds out about Chad’s attempt at killing Archie under Hiriam’s orders. This forces the couple into a violent altercation, and Chad ends up losing his life at Veronica’s hands. Like most other ‘Riverdale‘ relationships, Archie and Veronica have to face betrayals and love triangles as they try to navigate a path towards happiness.

Later that week, Archie apologizes for having missed another dinner. Veronica wants to discuss their relationship and where they’re headed, specifically where Archie sees them in the next five years. Veronica insists that it’s not, claiming LoveAgain that it’s just important to have these kinds of conversations. However, they have another conversation, during which Veronica states that she’s starting to feel like she’s losing herself, similar to when she was with Chad.

At the house, they learn that one child survived the Conway murders. Veronica later brings a new wallet for Fred, and Archie calls her the best girlfriend ever. He also tells her that he doesn’t deserve her but doesn’t get a chance to elaborate.

Jughead: The Hunger

Unbeknownst to both Betty and Veronixa, this story was untrue. Archie and Jughead knew the actual reason for FP’s release was because of the one time drug-run deal they made with Penny Peabody, to deliver a crate of drugs for her, to a warehouse Greendale. Essentially, Betty and Jughead were asking that Veronica and Archie be them, in the sense that they work together as an investigative team. With this, Betty and Veronica headed down to the Southside where they met up with Verne, Reggie’s dealer.

Skeet Ulrich as FP Jones, Jughead Jones’s dad was part of the Southside Serpents but became the good guy in the end while dating Betty’s mom, Alice Cooper. She wrote across the picture, «2 girls + 1 boy,» so yeah, something is about to go down! And zoom in on that gif in the middle of them, which just adds to what Josie must be feeling about this situation. Then, Varchie shippers around the world held their breath as the ex-couple seemed like they were about to embrace in a kiss…before Veronica pulls away and rushes out of there.

Aside from a brief fling with Reggie in season three, Veronica and Archie have remained the «it» couple at Riverdale High. Of course, fans can’t help but wonder who Veronica would have ended up with had she and Archie never gotten together. WhileRiverdale’s de facto main characterat first seemed like a pretty together high school kid, there was a lot of darkness bubbling beneath the surface. Archie wasn’t content with being the «good guy» and typical jock.

Even though many fans will argue that Betty and Jughead are meant to be, the Riverdale fandom swooned when Veronica kissed Jughead in season two. It’s obvious that these two have chemistry but have never had the opportunity to explore a romantic relationship. From the get-go, Veronica was instantly attracted to Archie and Betty started dating Jughead soon after. While it happened before they were officially dating, Veronica kissed Archie in the closet during a high school party, even after she knew that Betty was secretly pining for her long-time best friend.

She advises him to have as much fun now as he can because everything will change once he’s married. Veronica surprises Archie in his room and apologizes for exploding on him earlier. And it’s because of him that Veronica personally sought out a doctor, who said it was lucky he got to Hiram when he did. Archie convenes with Veronica at his place after she reveals her dad collapsed.

Fans wondered if it was like his girlfriend meeting the parents’ situation, but it was just an invitation to a close friend. Reggie and Veronica continue hooking up, and Archie kisses Josie after their duet. But then Josie leaves town to go on tour with her dad, and she tells Archie that the two aren’t “endgame.” YEAH. Hiram Lodge, Veronica’s dad, invites Archie to join them for family dinner.

She returned from the call to announce that Hiram Lodge just bought the Register. Veronica insisted that she had no idea her father was buying the Register though this only confirmed Jughead’s suspicions that he had big plans to take over. So Betty began to question if Veronica’s reasons for bringing them up to the cabin weren’t as sincere as they initially believed. Their suspicions were warranted given that Lodge Industries was buying property all over the Southside and now the one newspaper in town so that people couldn’t report on his plan. The means to silence the free press and keep Betty’s mother from coming after him. As the four of them went back and forth, glass breaking could be heard from inside the house.

And, you know, her youth is a little overshadowed when she’s holding a slingshot and threatening someone. Is this because Cole and Lily broke up that you are breaking up Bughead? This sounds like a double jump the shark move by the writers. None of these spoilers sound like anything I want to watch. What we do know about Archie is season five finds him following his military ambitions. Plus, an old Army buddy of Archie’s will return with him to Riverdale.