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Here we use a zero-dimensional conceptual model that calculates changes in global ice volume over time as a function of orbital forcing. Terminations are achieved by introducing a strongly negative term into the mass balance once a certain ice volume threshold is crossed. This new conceptual model is derived from the conceptual model of ref. 38. Our model differs in the exploration of the parameter space as we developed a more efficient inverse method to find the best-fit parameters (see the “Methods” section).

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The hypothesis of a gradual forcing in the internal climatic system to explain the MPT has been investigated before. For instance, changes in the atmospheric CO2 concentrations have been proposed as a possible driver of the MPT16,19,20,25. Indeed, a progressive decrease of the atmospheric CO2 concentrations would have for consequence to gradually cool the Earth20.

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We applied a novel single-grain feldspar luminescence protocol to date beginning and end of the formation of a Central German Chernozem that was covered by a burial mound during the Early Bronze Age at about 3.8 ka. The results demonstrate that the applied pIRIR single-grain feldspar luminescence method is well suited to derive meaningful formation ages and process rates for Chernozems/Phaeozems. By dating the period in which bioturbation was the predominant soil-forming process, we were able for the first time to directly determine the time of the Chernozem/Phaeozem formation in Central Europe. Hence, the latter effect potentially allows to identify prehistoric ploughing activity in paleosols.

Evolution of ocean temperature and ice volume through the mid-Pleistocene climate transition. These results have higher residual values (15.7 and 16.5 m) than the ABR simulation and they only reproduce partially the MPT . These results confirm the relevance to consider the v0 parameter as the main driver of the MPT. Our ABR simulation reproduces the MPT in terms of amplitude and frequency.

Dinosaurs were cold-blooded animals which obtained body heat from the Sun-they would not have been able to survive in cooler climates. What probability will take place when organisms have not adapted to their environment due to new diseases, new predators, and climate change? They will become extinct. Their bodies will be fossilized. Their bodies will be petrified.

This specific time is optimally inferred by our inverse method and corresponds to 1220 ka (see the “Methods” section for additional information). The modelled global ice volume is highly correlated with the reconstructed one from ref. 41 for the last 2 Ma. The average absolute value of residuals is 14.4 m and the coefficient of determination R2 is equal to 0.64 (Fig.1; Supplementary Figs.1 and 5). Terminations over the past 2 Ma are all reproduced by the model. Over 1.2–1.6 Ma, the model mainly underestimates the global ice volume . In particular, the slightly higher global ice volume maxima from the paleo-reconstruction are not simulated (Fig.2).

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Ref. 16 propose that the atmospheric CO2 is a possible driver of the MPT using a model coupling climate, ice sheets and carbon cycle. However, they show that an additional mechanism, i.e. the regolith removal, is necessary to fully describe the MPT. A characteristic of this study is the fact that the CO2 trend over the Pleistocene is not constrained by CO2 data but is only suggested by the linear decrease of an unspecified parameter.