How To Date Someone With Different Political Or Religious Views

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I mean i am one and i don’t seem to discriminate the two religion… I accept the two without accepting one fully… I just accept the two… Is that a problem? I am a Muslim and i accept many teachings in Islam and i don’t accept some again…. In Christianity i accept many teachings and don’t accept some again… In short i am not 100% into both i practice and accept some teachings i feel it’s beneficial and of real facts… Don’t you think that’s a problem lee? I wish you could treat a topic like this or refer me to where i can get any info on it.. I guess I would prefer to classify religions as inclusive and exclusive, versus narrow-minded and open-minded.

It could work, but it’s still not going to be ideal. The risk you run is that one day they decide to get more serious about their faith and if you’re not on board with that, it’s going to create issues. Most of the major religions push pretty hard that you should marry someone with the same religious beliefs as you. And frankly, regardless of where you stand religiously, we have to agree that’s some pretty good advice. There are just too many issues that will come up if you’re both not on the same page. Suppose one is dating a person who belongs to another faith tradition, for example, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, etc.

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I also identify as a Christian who is evangelical and conservative, but there are certainly times when I do not agree with all of these clients. It is not our job to change anyone else’s belief system or way of thinking. While we absolutely should ensure that students and fellow counselors are upholding ethical standards, we should also recognize that we are all different; that is not only “OK,” it is good.

I also asked about our future kids if we eventually get married. And he said the children will make their choices. He is a very wonderful person and that is what i cherish more. But the whole i wish you were a muslim and i wish you were a Christian usually comes to our mind.

Matt adds that he has sadly found that single Christian women hit an area of desperation. They may be committed to dating someone who doesn’t believe in God, but they don’t look at the spiritual growth of their boyfriends. A Christian woman who wants to be in a relationship may ignore the signs that her “Christian” boyfriend isn’t a strong believer or doesn’t believe in God at all. He may even be a non Christian — and not just a Catholic “non Christian man.” A Christian woman who really wants to be in a relationship may date and marry outside her faith because she deeply and desperately wants to be loved. He may be a “non Christian” Catholic who goes to church but doesn’t know Jesus. So, my reader isn’t dating “outside her faith” as such.

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The only crystal clear example we have of married couples whose relative ages are known is the marriage of Abraham and Sarah, in which Abraham was ten years older than Sarah. And it’s likely that for most couples in the Bible the husband was older. Women were married off very young, even as young teenagers, whereas men generally had to establish some sort of stable means of supporting a family before marrying, which meant they tended to be older. And of course, if you do plan to marry him, you and he need to come to an agreement before you get married about how you will raise any children you may have with regard to your respective faiths.

I believe in Law of attraction and the universe and spirit guides and meditation and energy and chakras. We share a lot of similarities in our beliefs but, I don’t believe in Jesus and his dying on the cross. That being said, I am very respectful of other OnlineDatingCritic people’s religion and don’t mind dating people outside my beliefs as long as they respect mine. Infact, I am the kind of girl who wants to see my partner enjoy their relationship with God and live their best spiritual life regardless of their religion.

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Being raised in a religious home can have some powerful effects on your life and relationships. Religious institutions can provide moral and ethical education, emotional support and social interactions. Every knowledgeable Bible student is aware that the general tone of Scripture. From the beginning of its composition till completion, God’s Word discourages believers from entering into marriage bonds with those who do not share the true faith. The lack of comfort and competency in this area is reflected across presentations, publications and even Listservs such as CESNET . At best, this is because of a lack of knowledge, training or understanding.

But if he takes the hard-line position some very conservative evangelicals and fundamentalists do, and thinks that you will go to hell if you don’t accept his version of Christianity, then that is a serious problem. Assuming he is sincere, your boyfriend has taken a step in your direction by considering the idea that different types of Christianity can be valid. If he sticks with that in coming months and years, and continues on that pathway of thinking, then you can have more assurance that it is genuine. But if he snaps back to a more exclusive view, you’ll have your red flag again, and then you’ll have a tough decision to make. First, it sounds like in your mind you are facing a yellow light about this relationship. You want it to work out, but you’re afraid it won’t.

It’s time it finds its place in our world again. We started talking about other stuff and the rest of our date went amazing. The next morning I had time to process the date and realized that I wasn’t okay with having such drastic beliefs. It’s important for me to be able to connect on that level.

But I am only a half believer, and cannot partake in much of the service. More recent studies have found more than 50 other societies practicing polyandry. Fraternal polyandry is practiced among Tibetans in Nepal and parts of China, in which two or more brothers are married to the same wife, with the wife having equal “sexual access” to them.

Unfortunately, this situation is quite common, and there isn’t an easy answer. It looks likely that you will indeed have to choose between your boyfriend and your family—at least, as far as where your primary relationship and loyalty will lie. That is something you and your boyfriend will each have to decide for yourselves, and both decide together. As you face and make that decision, it will tell you whether you have the type of inner connection to one another and love for one another that can withstand and overcome these types of challenges, both now and in the future.

Also, assuming the dating relationship leads to marriage, tension can continue to be introduced. An example of this would be if when a child is born, the mother wishes it to be baptized as an infant, but the father believes baptism to be an outward expression of a personal declaration of faith. In fact, depending on which statistics one believes, the divorce rate for professing Christians may actually be higher than for Americans as a whole. Granted, not all of these people are evangelicals, but we’re not doing so well either. That truth has brought immeasurable emotional pain and other consequences to many Christians. Worse, it has brought great dishonor to the name of Christ and to the witness of individuals and the church.